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DoomDump v1.02

Damage dumper for Anarchy Online

Why another damage dumper?

I created DoomDump, because AO Parser, the damage dumper I used to use, didn't run under Windows Vista. But I liked the diagram and the breakdown of the damage. And since all other damage dumpers I found lacked these features, I decided to code my own dumper. Also it was an opportunity to learn some C#.


Planned features

Download and installation

DoomDump v1.02 - setup program
DoomDump v1.02 - zipped program without setup

System requirements

This program is freeware and may be distributed. When linking DoomDump on your own site please link to this page and not directly to a download.

Note on BETA state

Since this is the first publication of this program, I wrote the beta tag on it. That means, I tested it within the bounds of my possibilites. But as coder you are sometimes routine-blinded and oversee something. If you find an error or an inconsistancy please contact me.
As of version 1.0 I removed the beta tag, the main dd functionality should work correctly.


Creation of a log window ingame

Create a char profile in DoomDump

Select AO scripts directory in DoomDump

Other Settings


Char dropdown - select char to monitor.
Read log from start - used for retrospectively evaluation.
Reset - clears current statistics
Pause / Continue - stopps/resumes damage recording, loot and commands are registered anyway.
Global Report - Create scripts for char independent statistics (global/team dump, kill/loot statistics.
Detail Report - Create detailed scripts for selected char (from all Damagedealers or Team).
Add to Team - Add selected char to team. Alternatively double click on char in damage dealer list.
Remove from Team - Remove selected char from team. Alternatively double click on char in team list.
Pets can be assigned to players by drag and drop, if nessesary.

Kill statistics - mob list: respawn timer

This list contains all mobs, for which the name is known on kill. From the message Attacking <Mobname> the name is saved and entered into the list on You/All team member can loot....
I created this function mainly for farming bosses, in teams or raids not all mobs will be possibly counted correctly, if multiple mobs are killed at the same time. Also for nuking NTs the mobs are not registered due to lacking attack message.
(The number of solo/team/assist kills are not affected, since there only the number of loot messages is counted.)

If there is a mob in the list, the respawn timer can be activated by checking the box. Enter the respawn time, done. To deactivate just uncheck the box.
To change the sound see Settings.
Right clicking a line opens a context menu with the following functions:

Ingame chat commands

Vicinity channel

dd_pause - pause DD
dd_cont - continue DD
dd_reset - reset DD

dd_ranking - creates ranking reports
dd_detail <charname> - creates detailed report for <charname>

All channels

/dd/help - show help window with commands. (Only visible for yourself.)

/dd/gdt - global damage (top damage dealers)
/dd/gd - global damage (all damage dealers)
/dd/td - team damage

/dd/hdt - heal dump (top healers)
/dd/hd - heal dump (all healers)

/dd/sum - damage summary for selected character (dd_detail)
/dd/det - damage details for selected character (dd_detail)
/dd/miss - miss details for selected character (dd_detail)
/dd/avoid - avoided hits for selected character (dd_detail)

/dd/ks - kill statistics
/dd/ksdet - kill statistics - details

/dd/loot - loot statistics, all player
/dd/loot_del - loot statistics, all player, only deleted items
/dd/lootone - loot statistics, selected character (dd_detail)
/dd/lootone_del - loot statistics, selected character, only deleted items
/dd/lootone_ql - loot statistics, selected character, incl. item QLs
/dd/lootone_delql - loot statistics, selected character, only deleted items, incl. item QLs

/tok - current token chance in team mission
/mob - Remaining number of mobs for kill quest














The usage of this program is at your own risk. Although I tested it as best as I could, I take no responsibility for anything weird happening on your system.

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